Mission worship

The worship at Mission Church is generally contemporary in style but always with a humble heart to help the church engage in worshiping God every Sunday morning.  The team is constantly growing so please contact Kelly Miller (KMiller@missionnaz.org) if you are interested in joining with your musical talents as well as with any technical and/or creative efforts.  Listen to this week's set here roundedspotify

Adonai praise team

The Adonai praise team is a group of singers that periodically help lead worship bringing an energetic style to help with congregation engagement.  The team sings up to twice per month and is open to anyone with a heart for worship.  If you're interested please fill out this survey.

Engage: Worship Night

February 4th | 6:30pm - 8:00PM

A collection of leaders from churches around the San Diego Nazarene zone are coming together to "Engage" in the Why, How, and Who we worship.  We'll be exploring that worship is more than just singing songs but engaging both individually and collectively as the family of God.  We are excited to host churches in the San Diego zone as we come together for this common purpose.  View the set list here.