For Southeast Church of the Nazarene & Foster Elementary

August 7-21

We are collecting backpacks and school supplies for students in need at Southeast Nazarene and Foster Elementary. Supply lists can be found below for both elementary and secondary grades. Bring filled backpacks to Mission Church through August 21, and we will deliver them! (Please indicate which age group the backpack is for.)

We also accept financial donations.Click here

and choose Backpack Outreach!

Elementary Grades

List of supplies we need:

• backpack (gender neutral)

• Crayola markers (8 count)

• Crayola crayons (8 count)

• Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils

• lined paper (wide ruled and 
   college ruled)

• plastic ruler

• Pink Pearl erasers

• highlighting pens

• Bic pens (blue and black)

• glue sticks

• Post-It notes

• composition notebooks

Secondary Grades

(Middle and high school)

List of supplies for secondary grades:

•     Backpack (gender neutral)

•     Graph Paper

•     College Rule Filler Paper

•     Spiral Notebooks

•     3-ring Binders

•     Folders with Pockets

•     Dividers

•     Compass

•     Protractor

•     Ruler

•     Index Cards

•     Scotch Tape

•     Post-it-notes

•     Calculator (simple one)

•     Pink Pearl erasers

•     Glue Sticks

•     Scissors

•     Pencil Sharpener

•     Crayola colored pencils

•     Bic pens (blue and black)

•     Highlighters

•     Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils

•     Crayola Small Tip Markers