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posted Feb. 14, 2024 by Nazarene Missions International

South America Region

Once part of what was known as the United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata, the countries of Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay declared their independence from Spain in 1816. Argentina, the remaining area of the former provinces, followed suit. Located on the South America Region, within an area now known as the Southern Cone, Argentina is known for its long history of immigration. The vast majority of its population is European (mainly of Spanish and Italian descent) and mestizo (a mixture of European and Amerindian). Because Argentina considers itself a nation of immigrants, they sometimes refer to themselves as a “crucible of races.” The work of the Church of the Nazarene in Argentina began in 1919. Nine of ten people in Argentina say they are Christians; however, most of those admit to not practicing their faith. The story that follows is one of encouragement that many who truly find and experience transformative faith cannot help but practice it with enthusiasm, gratitude, and love.


    • Pray for the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Argentina, with more than 1,250 students, 220 teachers, and 54 extension centers, serving the four countries of the Southern Cone.
    • Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower new leaders being trained through programs such as Planting Essentials, NexGen, and Alpha.


  • Praise God, for despite social and economic crises in the country, new generations are responding to God’s call to missions.
  • Praise God for new and re-emerging churches that are being established and for the church planting teams have been able to plant 28 churches.

NMI Snapshot

In the Litoral District of Argentina is the city of Rosario, known for its many famous monuments. Unfortunately, in recent years, the city has been exposed to an increase in drug trafficking and there has been a rising death toll related to drugs in this city. A few years ago, Javier came to the Church of the Nazarene with his life completely destroyed due to addictions. There, he gave his life to Jesus.

Like so many, Javier was both addicted to drugs and was an active part of drug trafficking. He and his wife recount how their lives were plunged into darkness and they could not see a way out. But in that dark place of their lives, the presence of the church became a light of hope. Today, Javier and his family have been transformed and joyfully serve the Lord. Javier has begun his theological studies and has opened several small groups in which he has preached the gospel to many addicts and former drug trafficking partners. His story exemplifies how the church has risen like a torch amid darkness and continues to impact people's lives.